The Law Offices of Benjamin F. Shoemaker, LLC  is a boutique law firm focused on all your estate planning, family-owned business, and nonprofit needs. We add value to your life and business by providing expert legal services for individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and business owners throughout Georgia and South Carolina. 

Our Core Values    


Dr. Henry Cloud defines integrity as the courage to meet the demands of reality. Most people think integrity means being honest, and while integrity certainly includes being honest, it also means excelling in design and competency to withstand the pressures of reality.  Think of a boat that lacks integrity. Even if the builder was honest and moral, the boat will sink in the storm if it was not competently designed and constructed. More than just a competent attorney, Ben also serves as a trusted advisor through life's storms to help guarantee that your business, your family plan, and your life are soundly constructed to meet the demands of reality.  


Stewardship is an intriguing concept that we do not consider enough in today's society. On one hand, a steward has not only the authority and power of the true owner but also the responsibility to wisely develop, grow, and utilize the owner's property. However, the steward does not "own" the property but only holds it on behalf of and for the glory of the true owner. And the wise steward makes decisions within the parameters and guidance of the owner. How do you see your life- your money, house, possessions, family? Are you making decisions that will honor the true owner of your life?